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To provide a platform for world filmmakers to touch audiences’ heart by presenting their independent films for distribution worldwide through 2W NETWORK’S multi-channel services for independent projects.  We support essential, creative, equal opportunity projects of integrity.


2WNetwork Entertainment ( 2W-2 women ) was founded by Donna Smith, a legendary and groundbreaking Hollywood producer, and the first female to be President of Production for any Hollywood Studio; and Sarah Xu, a successful serial international entrepreneur, a new digital film and VR producer and winner of the new product award by The Advanced Imaging Society.

These two entrepreneurial women joined together to form 2W Network LLC with a mission to build the largest Crossing-Board MSN platform to introduce world independent filmmakers' films through 2WNetwork multi channel services, and world audience to have opportunities to  appreciate some of the most talent independent filmmakers productions. 


Chairman/Co-CEO/Founder Donna Smith

 Donna Smith began her career as Production Coordinator on RAGING BULL and quickly rose through the ranks, serving as Production Manager, Line Producer and Producer on notable projects that included THE TERMINATOR.

Smith was tapped by Universal Pictures to serve as President of Physical Production and Post Production; becoming the first woman to serve in that role for a major Hollywood studio.

During Smith’s seven-year tenure at Universal, more than 120 titles were released under her leadership including; Academy Award winner SCHINDLER’S LIST, JURASSIC PARK, BABE, SCENT OF A WOMAN, CASINO, BACKDRAFT, BACK TO THE FUTURE, APOLLO 13 and WATERWORLD.

Following her executive role at Universal, Donna entered the world of full service motion picture completion bonds, having established a sterling reputation as a “highly bondable” producer. Donna served as CEO/President for the Entertainment Coalition, a management entity formed to coordinate full-service completion bond and insurance services for the entertainment industry worldwide.



Donna Smith more served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Cinema Completions International before she co-found 2W Network. Based in Los Angeles with offices in London and Sydney, CCI underwrote completion bonds for movies. Smith green-lit new business and spearheaded strategic planning, managerial insight; guided by an extensive network of relationships with Hollywood studio executives, the producers, filmmakers and creative talent.

Donna has the honor of being appointed a United States Film Ambassador to China and serves as a Women In Film trustee. She has passion to support filmmakers to make independent films. 


Vice Chairman/Co-CEO/Founder Sarah Xu

Sarah Xu is a global entrepreneur. She is a Co- Founder and CEO for three entertainment & new media companies, Sarah Xu has a MBA degree and Certificate of Producer, Sight and Sound from Tisch School of the Arts. 

Sarah Xu is co-founder and co-CEO of 2W Network Entertainment, a platform for independent filmmakers to produce and distribute  independent films and short films worldwide. Her positions include: co-founder and CEO of AY Entertainment Group Inc. which books and promotes A list performing artists, Broadway shows, and Cirque du Soleil presentations in Asia; co-founder of FMX New Media Inc., a platform that provides VR/AR-related production services; first CEO and co-founder of Global 3D Media Company, which produces glass-free 3D cell phones, TVs, and video walls; and co-founder of a future VR/AR laboratory with China Continental International Center TV, Dell, Nokia, and VRE/AIS. Sarah is also a winner of the New Product Award from the International Advanced Imaging Society. She served as a board member of the Advanced International Imaging Society, a committee member of International 3D Equipment, and a board of governors member for the Sixth Annual 3dVR Creative Awards. She is the chief creative director and producer of the VR documentary “Guilin” for the “Beautiful China” series. She also conducted a series of 360 degree video interviews for International Olympic Committee members during the Rio Olympics.  She is also the executive producer and co-host of ICN TV talk show “meeting,” for which she has interviewed numerous celebrities, including Grammy Award winners, Broadway and opera stars, and Hollywood producers and directors. Sarah is producing a new digital-short series “N&L” which targets millennials interested in NYC and LA lifestyle trends; the series is distributed in both America and China. Prior her career in the new media and entertainment industries, Sarah founded XT International Group which sold consumer products to Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, TJ Maxx, Amazon, Taobao, and more than 1,000 retail locations in North America and China. In the process, Sarah accumulated 17 years of experience in social media marketing, e-commerce, international trade, merchandise licensing, product manufacture, and wholesale and retail sales.  

Sarah served as a sectary of the committee for the 17, 18th international Taekwondo world championship and a board member of several international organization, She also found many reputable international and national wide events. 

Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Wuxi Light Industry University, and a MBA degree with a concentration in management information systems, marketing, and entrepreneurship from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In addition, she holds an EMBA certificate from the MIT Sloan School of Management, a certificate in film sight and sound production and Producer from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, a certificate in globalization strategies from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, and a certificate in franchising from Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s EMBA program.




What is the technical specification of the contents we are looking for?

What is the technical specification of the contents we are looking for?

What is the technical specification of the contents we are looking for?

  • Films: Video encapsulation format: MP4, MOV, TS; video
  • Ecoding format: H264, H265, VP8, VP9; video bit rate: not less than 10mbps
  •  Audio encoding format: AAC, MP3; audio code rate: not less than 128k


What is the contents selecting process?

What is the technical specification of the contents we are looking for?

What is the technical specification of the contents we are looking for?

Please send an inquiry email to sarah@2wnetwork.com to ask for "2W distribution sheet tablet " and the " Guide Map". 


What kind of contents we are looking for?

What is the technical specification of the contents we are looking for?

What kind of contents we are looking for?

Feature films, short films,  Animation; cooking; food test or review show; auto test and review; house review and luxury  life style show; children education programs, travel; culture; discovery; sports; comedy; performance art,  visual art programs/shows.


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